FCC Expects 5G Boost After Handing-out C-band Licences


The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted the 5,676 licences covering use of spectrum in the C-Band (3.7GHz to 3.98GHz) won in a bumper auction earlier this year, hailing the development as helping expand 5G access.

In a statement, acting FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel noted the new licences opened an allocation key to deploying 5G.

She explained C-Band was a “sweet spot for 5G deployment”, due to its ability to “reach more people in more places faster.”

Spectrum in the band is seen as offering a middle-ground between providing good 5G capacity and coverage, with alternatives very strong in one or the other. Last month the GSMA called on regulators across the globe to step-up availability of mid-band spectrum, which includes frequencies just licensed by the FCC.

“With these licences in hand, more carriers can deploy mid-band 5G, which means faster speeds over much wider coverage areas and more robust competition,” Rosenworcel added.

The sale closed in February, raising US$81.2 billion and was the country’s latest targeted at supporting 5G across various bands.

Its next auction is slated for October and will provide further allocations in the mid-band.

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