SigMail Provides Secure Communications Solution


A leading provider of healthcare technology solutions, Sigma HealthTech  has announced that their product SigMail, an end-to-end encrypted secure messaging platform for healthcare providers, has been selected as a pre-qualified Vendor of Record for Virtual Visits Solutions (Asynchronous) by Canada Health Infoway.

Infoway, a not-for-profit organization, funded by the federal government to accelerate the development, adoption and effective use of digital healthcare solutions across Canada, facilitated this first stage procurement on behalf of participating jurisdictions.

SigMail by Sigma HealthTech is an end-to-end encrypted secure messaging platform for Canadian healthcare providers and frontline workers to conduct secure patient communication and engagement. With SigMail, healthcare services can be drastically enhanced by converting in-person medical visits into virtual visits with secure messaging, improving patient care, and reducing burnout for caregivers and office staff.

“We are at a significant inflection point in the Healthtech industry where technology can be a critical enabler for integrating doctor-patient and doctor-doctor communication into a single secure messaging system. By optimizing patient care and creating efficiency in medical practices, SigMail is enabling effective and compassionate communication for healthcare professionals and patients across Canada,” said the chief medical officer of Sigma Healthtech, Dr. Duncan Rozario  .

“Over the past year, the healthcare sector across Canada has increasingly pivoted towards innovative strategies to evolve and adopt transformative practices to enable better patient care. The selection of Sigma HealthTech as one of the pre-qualified virtual care products is the first step towards many more successes for the Sigma Group,” said  founder & chairman, Sigma Group of Companies, Arjun Jasuja.

As digital transformation becomes deeply embedded into the fabric of the healthcare sector, creating more space for ‘healthtech’, it is imperative that healthcare visits are securely translated into virtual visits where indicated, a change that is spearheaded by platforms like SigMail. SigMail easily integrates secure messages into office Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to track patient symptoms, treatment outcomes, side effects and case histories. In addition, SigMail can eliminate the use of the unreliable fax machine for patient referrals to specialists by connecting all providers with secure messaging.

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