14 Ontario Hospitals To Adopt Epic Solution


Lakeridge Health is partnering with six hospital organizations representing 14 hospitals in Ontario’s Central East Region, to deliver a new, digital clinical information system (CIS) using the Epic Health solution. Once implemented, patients in the Central East Region who receive hospital care will have a single, unified personal health record across the partner hospitals.

“The new CIS is one of the biggest quality projects Lakeridge Health has undertaken, and an integral part of our One System. Best Health vision,” said president and CEO, Lakeridge Health, Cynthia Davis. “Epic will greatly improve the way we deliver care at Lakeridge Health and across the Central East Region. It’s an incredible opportunity to contribute to improved health outcomes for our patients.”

As hospitals across Ontario have faced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic together over the last 16 months, partner hospitals have gained an even greater understanding of the importance of having a shared CIS in place to support the best possible care for the 1.5 million patients across the region.

The seven partner hospital organizations participating in this major healthcare initiative are: Campbellford Memorial Hospital, Haliburton Highlands Health Services, Lakeridge Health, Northumberland Hills Hospital, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Ross Memorial Hospital and Scarborough Health Network.

This collaboration represents the largest number of individual organizations joining together on Epic in Ontario and will transform the way healthcare is delivered for generations to come.

“By being better connected with a comprehensive, real-time view of the patient record, care teams across different parts of a hospital, and across multiple hospitals can better collaborate to make the best possible decisions about each individual’s treatment and care,” said  chief information officer and chief medical information officer, Dr. Ilan Lenga.

He added, “Epic’s standardized tools and processes will reduce duplication, streamline processes, and improve results. For physicians and other clinicians, the entire care process will be more seamless, from patient referrals to placing orders to medication management.”

The new regional CIS means:

One digital record for each patient across Lakeridge Health together with the six other hospital organizations in the Central East Region.

Patient access to a user-friendly and secure portal called MyChart to view their health information and upcoming appointments.

Implementation of evidence-based best practices across the care continuum.

Timely access to information to support clinical decision-making, including test results, medication information and other essential health information.

Improvements in patient safety features, including barcode identity validation at the bedside.

Less duplication and more efficient processes, contributing to a more sustainable health system.

Epic is one of the world’s largest electronic health records software companies, and their system has been adopted by hundreds of leading hospitals in North America and Europe, including Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, The Ottawa Hospital, SickKids, and Mackenzie Health.

Epic will go live for all seven partner organizations in December 2021.

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