Mobilitie Deploys Wireless Network At Lubbock Preston Smith Airport


By Juan Pedro Tomás

US wireless infrastructure provider Mobilitie said it has installed an updated wireless network at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport.

The airport is located in the Lubbock County, in Texas.

The multi-carrier, 5G-ready network features next-generation technologies, including a distributed antenna (DAS) system within the building and outdoor nodes on the rooftop with dedicated radios at each location, ensuring reliable high-speed connectivity throughout the airport, Mobilitie said.

“We are looking forward to the possibilities that the network will provide to our passengers, staff, and partners,” said executive director of aviation, Kelly Campbell.

“The network we’ve developed for Lubbock Airport will provide a streamlined and seamless wireless experience,” said VP of wireless solutions at Mobilitie, Michael Curry. “We understand dynamic environments like airports very well, and we have designed our solution to support the client’s operations and growth, while creating peace of mind for all travelers. Whether you need to make travel changes on the go, watch a movie while waiting to board, or rushing to a gate to make your connection, you’ll be connected.”

In a recent interview with In-Building Tech, EVP of network strategy at Mobilitie, Jason Caliento said that the firm foresees growth opportunities for the firm in 2021. “As we look at 2021, we’re seeing nothing but increased interest and opportunities in connecting businesses and their customers, schools and their students, local governments and its citizenry.  More specifically, with the recent CBRS and C-band auctions, 5G deployments, massive small cell investments, and the entrance of Dish into the marketplace, we are very bullish on the overall outlook for 2021, and is expected to be one of our largest growth years,” Caliento said.

Caliento said that the firm is seeing significant year-over-year growth in in-building networks for venue owners.  “As tenants return to commercial real estate, as guests return to hotels, and as smaller venues look to attract visitors, building, hotel, and venue owners are seeing that they need to have outstanding in-building coverage and capacity to attract and retain their tenants, guests, and fans,” the executive added.

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