German Government Announces Financing For ‘6G’ Technologies

The new generation of high-speed mobile technology for connecting Internet 6G. Vector illustration .

By Juan Pedro Tomás

The German government plans to provide up to 700 million euros (US$833 million) in financing for research into 6G technologies by 2025.

In a release, Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) said it is starting the first German research initiative on 6G technology this week.

The ministry said that the aim of the first funding measure is to create the basis for an innovation ecosystem for future communication technologies around 6G 

“We have to think about the day after tomorrow and help shape new key technologies and standards in communication technologies right from the start. The digital transformation has accelerated and underscored the need for a strong network infrastructure. With 4G, we had wireless broadband internet for the first time and simpler machine applications became possible. 5G is already setting important standards here and will take digital networking to the next level,” said Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek. “6G, however, will be the mobile data technology of the future and will determine and even revolutionize our communication in the next decade. With 6G, data is transmitted more than 100 times faster than with 5G – with great advantages for mobile communication for every single person. But also for our industry and agriculture,” the official added.

“We now have to invest massively in 6G research. Only in this way can we strengthen the technological sovereignty of Germany and Europe in the long term. We don’t want to be dependent on others in the future. For this we need a decade of new beginnings and massive investments in the technologies of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow,” Karliczek said.

The minister said that the research project will receive an initial funding of 200 million euros, while further initiatives will be announced later this year.

These investments are made possible by the future package of the federal government, from which 685 million euros alone flow into 6G research and which are supplemented by further BMBF activities.

 The subject of the first funding measure is the research of future communication technologies in order to technologically prepare the next generation of mobile communication and the fiber optic networks required for it. The new 6G ecosystem will therefore encompass all levels of technology. A complete system with all the necessary components is developed, set up and tested in the laboratory.

In the next step, further funding measures are intended to ensure the rapid transfer of 6G technology into innovative products.

The initial project stipulates the creation of 6G research hubs, with the aim of boosting collaborations with research institutes and universities in the field of 6G.

In addition to the “6G research hubs”, the ministry is also funding a platform for future communication technologies and 6G.

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