Synchronoss Getting Back On 5G Wireless Growth Track


Synchronoss Technologies Inc. has had a rough year, but it looks like they could be getting back on their growth track. They have a new President and CEO, Jeff Miller at the helm. They have refocused on certain key areas which they see as the growth engines moving forward. Plus, the COVID-19 impact seems to be easing, writes JEFF KAGAN.

Jeff Miller was the temporary CEO while the Board of Directors went on a CEO search. After several months, the Board recognized Miller may indeed be just what they needed to take Synchronoss to the next level. So, as of March 8, he is now President and CEO.

I met Jeff Miller and am impressed with his vision and vitality. He is no stranger to Synchronoss. In fact, he has been with them for several years. He reported to their last CEO, Glenn Lurie.

Miller says he is both excited with the opportunity and ready to not only run but grow the company.

Synchronoss has been on a rocky growth road for quite a long time. The company strengthened in recent years. Then COVID-19 hit and screwed everything up.

They cut the workforce. They streamlined management. They started to focus their efforts on three areas of strong growth from the wide variety of services they started with.

Synchronoss is now focusing on three service areas for growth, which makes perfect sense.

Synchronoss customers are companies like Verizon and AT&T

Their customers are carriers like Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility, both here in the USA and in fact, world-wide.

Wireless carriers are in a competitive marketplace. Since wireless services are better than ever, they need to have a different competitive advantage.

That’s what Synchronoss brings to the table. They give their customers, who are wireless carriers, access to new services and features that wireless customers love.

This will help them maintain and grow their customer base for consumers and business customers.

Synchronoss gives wireless carriers a competitive advantage

Synchronoss sells tools to give carriers a competitive advantage.

While they offer valuable services, its often a longer sales cycle, which is its own challenge.

If they can stay on course, they could be an important spoke in the wireless wheel going forward.

So, now we wait and watch and see if they can in fact, make the magic happen again.

Bottom line, Synchronoss is a company with valuable services to help wireless carriers become more competitive.

They got thrown off the horse last year because of COVID-19 and other issues. Now, under a new CEO it looks like they are focused on growth with a streamlined group of popular services.

If they are on target, they could be in position to show real growth going forward. The good news is their customers, which are wireless carriers around the globe, are growing and are doing business as usual.

And they are looking for a competitive advantage to win in the marketplace.

During the last several months it looks like new CEO Jeff Miller is turning things around.

I cannot yet say whether Synchronoss will get back on the successful growth wave. However, after listening to Miller and hearing his plans and the direction he is taking the company, it sure sounds like the Board of Directors may have indeed found the right person to lead the company and fight the battle.

Going forward, I will keep my eyes on Synchronoss and write about their progress.

  • Jeff is a RCR Wireless News Columnist, Industry Analyst, Key Opinion Leader and Influencer.

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