Schneider Electric, Wattsense Launch IoT Offering For Building Digitalization


By Juan Pedro Tomás

Schneider Electric France has signed a technological partnership with Wattsense to introduce a new Building Management Systems (BMS) solution, specially designed for energy efficiency and the sustainable development of small to medium-size buildings.

In a release, Wattsense said that a large majority of small and medium-sized buildings (less than 5,000 m²) are not equipped with BMS. These systems control operations in facilities and carry out the management and monitoring of equipment.

The new solution, dubbed Wattsense x Schneider Electric IoT Box, makes it possible to comply with current and future legal obligations regarding the management of intermediate-sized buildings (bank branches, stores, schools, condominiums, etc.) and promotes the adoption of efficient energy management practices in these buildings.

“The Tertiary Decree in France (which concerns buildings of more than 1000 square meters) and the European BACS (Building Automation & Control Systems) decree impose a reduction in energy consumption in tertiary buildings and recommend equipping buildings with  supervision systems. The objective is to optimize energy-intensive equipment (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting in particular) to reduce consumption and considerably improve their environmental impact,” said VP of building and c hannels at Schneider Electric France, Olivier Delepine.

“We are delighted to collaborate with a leading company, such as Schneider Electric, that shares our vision and our convictions; our joint Light BMS solution is entirely in line with the priorities of the BACS decree and to respond effectively to the challenges of energy improvement,” said CEO of Wattsense, Louis Vermorel.

The partners said that the new offering is interoperable with field communication protocols –notably, private LoRaWAN networks — and IT solutions hosted in the cloud.

The Box, which has a simple and intuitive interface for monitoring and controlling the site’s technical equipment, allows to:

-Integrate more than 600 connected objects in its library.

-Collect data from LoRa equipment to limit the intervention time and the impact on an occupied site.

-Ensure the system’s resilience thanks to an automatic configuration backup, which can be hosted in the Cloud and updated at any time.

-Offer a secure solution, separate from the customer’s computer network.

The Box can integrate energy monitoring solutions and quickly share data, on-site, on the Cloud, or on a facility manager’s hyper vision system to ensure data analysis.

The partners noted that these features allow properties to be transformed into smart buildings cost-effectively, saving weeks of deployment and reducing operating costs.

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