DIALES Launches New Service In Arabic

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By Ron Chen, Correspondent ASEAN Region

Diales have announced the launch of a new market offering for Middle East-based clients requiring litigation technical support in Arabic.

Diales, one of the leading global specialists in Expert Witness services, has established a unique in-house team of Arabic-speaking technical experts, who are able to assist clients in the submission of complex technical matters to local courts across the GCC region, and in the presentation of the case in court.

Mahmoud Abougabal has been put in charge of the newest service stream. Mahmoud is a delay analyst with over 14 years experience in the construction industry. He is regularly appointed by lawyers in the UAE and has been cross examined on multiple occasions in high- profile construction litigation disputes.

On his appointment to lead the service, Mahmoud said: “We are witnessing a growing interest in settling complex high-cost construction disputes by means of local court litigation.

We believe that our ability to consistently provide hands-on, high-quality and quick-fire support has been essential in our recent benchmark successes in the field.”

The highly experienced team has already been involved in several landmark litigation disputes, worth over AED 1 billion(US4272.26million). The experts are also proficient in participation in cross- examination sessions conducted in Arabic with the court-appointed experts, and can support clients with the preparation of follow-up and rebuttal reports.

Regional Head of Diales in the Middle East, Phil Duggan said: “This new offering provides a further enhancement of the skills and advisory support that our Diales expert witness service is able to place at the disposal of our clients. We are highly respectful of the many diverse cultures that we have the privilege to operate within as well as helping our clients serve local needs in an efficient, effective and appropriate way. This is just the latest step in making sure our global commitment is delivered with local knowledge and understanding.”

Managing Director and quantum expert David Merritt said: “By leading the way in the sector with this new advisory service, Diales aims to fill the gap in the provision of support for clients who find themselves having to manage litigation in local Arabic speaking courts. Our team of Arabic speaking experts can help our clients understand the process more effectively and enable important commercial decisions to be made more seamlessly and intuitively.

Early evidence suggests our clients are already finding real value in this service”.

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