Nokia And WEG Brazil Launch Industry 4.0 Project With 5G Standalone Private Wireless

Nokia Announces It Will Halve Emissions From 2019 To 2030

By Oystein Bergmann, Correspondent Scandinavia

Nokia and WEG have launched the Open Lab WEG/V2COM project to accelerate the development of Industry 4.0 solutions using the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) platform.

Open Lab WEG/V2COM is being run in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI) and the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). The pioneering project will utilize Nokia DAC to validate the quality and economic value of solutions developed through the partnership.

Nokia DAC 5G standalone (SA) platform offers reliable high-bandwidth, low-latency private networking, local edge computing capabilities, voice and video services, as well as a catalog of applications. It is a compact, easy-to-deploy platform, comprising network equipment, a cloud-based operation monitoring system and industrial connectors that ease standard and industry-specific protocol connectivity.

The collaborative one-year project will be conducted in a real-life production environment in WEG’s factory in Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina. The results will be combined with other independent studies being carried out by Anatel, which is examining business use cases for 5G private wireless.

The plant will function as a laboratory where a private 5G network will be tested alongside a conventional mobile operator network. Several practical and advanced use cases for Industry 4.0 will be developed to verify the productivity gains that the solution can bring, enabling consolidation of consistent models for applications in industrial automation projects.

Looking towards post-pandemic technology and the best conditions for use of 5G, two radio frequencies will be evaluated: one below 6 GHz and the highest, between 27.5 GHz and 27.9 GHz. An independent research institute will analyze the performance of each.

Director at V2Com-WEG Group, Guilherme Spina said: “This 5G project will not only enable us to support the research about 5G deployments in Brazil but it will also accelerate the development of tests, products and solutions for our customers.”

Head of Enterprise for Latin America, Nokia, Marcelo Entreconti said: “This project with WEG is the latest example of Nokia’s use of 5G private wireless to implement Industry 4.0 in Brazil through our role as a leading supplier and technology partner. Through our technology, we are bringing increased productivity to a myriad of sectors in the critical post-pandemic landscape, and we are committed to meet various industry demands, including high-quality training of personnel, our project with OpenLab Senai, and use cases such as those being tested and applied by WEG.”

Nokia has more than 260 large enterprise private wireless customers across industries worldwide, of which over 40 incorporate 5G.

Nokia has  filed its Annual Report on Form 20-F for 2020 with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Additionally, Nokia has published its Nokia in 2020 Annual Report, which includes audited financial statements, the annual review by the Board of Directors, Nokia’s corporate governance statement and the Remuneration Report for the governing bodies for 2020.

The Annual Report on Form 20-F and Nokia in 2020 Annual Report will be available in PDF format at www.nokia.com/about-us/investors/reports-filings, along with Nokia’s past quarterly and annual financial reports. Shareholders may request a hard copy of the reports free of charge through Nokia’s website. The corporate governance statement is available also at www.nokia.com/about-us/investors/corporate-governance and the Remuneration Report at www.nokia.com/agm.

The financial statements are also published in XHTML format in accordance with the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) reporting requirements. In accordance with ESEF requirements, the primary statements of the consolidated financial statements are marked with XBRL tags. The ESEF financial statements in Finnish are available in the zip file attached to this release and at www.nokia.com/fi_fi/tietoa-nokiasta/sijoittajat/tulostietoja-ja-raportteja.

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