Elisa And Lounea To Build A Joint Fiber Network In Finland


By Catherine Sbeglia

Elisa and telco Lounea, which operates in Western Finland, have established a joint nationwide fiber network venture. The pair will begin developing pilot sites early this year. Elisa will provide services and perform the invoicing, while Lounea will be responsible for installing the network and selling services under the Elisa brand.

For Lounea, the appeal is that these joint fiber networks will be built in areas where the company does not have its own networks and does not intend to deploy any.

According to Elisa, there has been a surge in demand for high-speed connectivity, which the company thinks it can deliver using fiber and its expanding 5G network, which operates on 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz frequency bands and is being rolled out with support from both Ericsson and Nokia. This latest venture is expected to extend the availability of its fiber network and the accompanying services to additional areas.

In related news, Elisa also recently upped its smart factory game, acquiring German company camLine, which supplies software to the manufacturing industry and is already present in 350 factories around the world. Together, the companies will provide data and AI-driven “intelligent manufacturing solutions.”

VP Elisa Industrial IoT, Lasse Nordlund commented, “The acquisition will speed up Elisa Industrial Software business growth in several industries. camLine has deep industrial expertise, long-term customer relationships, and strong market position. Elisa Smart Factory solutions with ML/AI capabilities complements camLine’s offering.

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