Africa’s Top 15 Best Companies to Work in 2021 Revealed


BoehringerIngelheim, Teleperformance, Comdata Group, Dell, Lundbeck are among the top best places to work for in Africa according to the prestigious “Best Places To Work” certification programme.

The programme recently compiled its annual list of the top 15 Best Companies To Work for in Africa ranking based on the assessment of over 500 organizations operating across the continent. Findings from this year programme show how well businesses across Africa have adapted to the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

On average 81 per cent of the employees of top 15 companies affirmed that their companies are among the “Best Places to Work for” in 2020. Employees consistently ranked leadership, inclusive culture, commitment to professional development, agility and sense of community as key reasons they feel proud to work for these companies. The ranking was determined based on feedback from employees gathered through anonymous surveys and an HR assessment evaluating the people management practices against outstanding workplace standards.

The top 15 list includes:

1. BoehringerIngelheim

2. Teleperformance

3. Comdata Group

4. Dell

5. Lundbeck

6. BSH

7. AstraZeneca

8. Hilti

9. Roche

10. MSD Animal Health

11. Safran Group

12. Novartis

13. Somezzo

14. Johnson & Johnson

15. Schindler

“In light of the economic and employment challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, these organizations succeeded in maintaining a positive workplace culture and providing the employees with the tools to adapt” said programme manager for Africa, Hamza Idrissi.

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