Vodafone Spain Launches Personalised Kids UI


By Stuart Thomson

Vodafone España has launched a dedicated UI for younger kids, where parents can create a profile for each child that is personalised by age, hours of permitted viewing and access to content.

Vodafone has also introduced two new functionalities for its Vodafone TV app, enabling playback control that allows users to view content frame-by-frame while fast-forwarding and rewinding, and the ability to manage recordings from mobile devise.

The kids functionality, Modo Niños, provides a more visual UI designed specifically for younger viewers, and gives parents the ability to create a profile for each child.

Each profile is age specific and will give access to age-appropriate content, live or on-demand.

According to Vodafone, the navigation of the menu is intuitive and does not require help or training to use, allowing children to orient themselves with characters they know.

Parent can set out parameters for viewing, including excluding pay and third-party content and can set permitted hours of viewing.

Modo Niños can be accessed from the Vodafone TV Kids app. The functionality is free to use and is included in all Vodafone’s 4K set-tops.

The changes to the Vodafone TV app, meanwhile, allow users to vidw frames of content via a window on the screen while rewinding and fast-forwarding. The new feature is available from December 17 for Android TV smartphones and tablets and for Amazon Fire TV, with Samsung smart TVs to follow soon.

Vodafone is also introducing a new feature for mobiles and tablets, allowing users to programme, view or control recordings from their mobile devices. Content recorded on the user’s set-top will be synchronised with mobile devices.

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