Orange Ventures Invests In Cloud Native Service Provider Weaveworks


By Francois Giudice, Correspondent France

Orange Ventures, the venture capital fund of Orange, has invested in Weaveworks, Inc. to help

drive adoption of its GitOps solution in Enterprises and Telecoms Companies.

Weaveworks empowers enterprises to unlock cloud native agility with GitOps, a developercentric operating model for Kubernetes by helping teams adopt cloud native computing, managing cloud native infrastructure and applications quickly, reliably and at scale.

In this Series C funding round WeaveWorks raised a total of US$36.65m from a pool of telecom

and enterprise investors like Orange Ventures, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Amazon Web

Services and Sonae IM and historic investors like Accel, Google Ventures and Redline Capital.

The company will use the new funding to enhance its GitOps-powered Kubernetes platform

built on Open Source software and extend its reach in enterprises and telecommunications

companies to make it easier for them to accelerate adoption of Cloud Native and Kubernetes with GitOps.

Kubernetes at Telco scale

Telecommunications companies have turned to Kubernetes and its ecosystem of cloud

native tooling for the resilience, flexibility and scalability it provides, as they look ahead to

the need for unprecedented scale for the 5G buildout. Orange Ventures, Deutsche Telekom

and Ericsson have come together to invest in a future of Kubernetes and Cloud Native

powered by Weaveworks’ GitOps.

“As global telcos ramp up to deliver high-speed 5G applications and services, and

enterprises build and operate cloud-native applications, the need for a reliable, secure and

standards-based operating model is more important than ever. GitOps is that operating

model for large scale cloud native implementations across environments and serves as the

backbone of the Weave Kubernetes Platform (WKP),” said Investment Principal, Orange Ventures, Remi Prunier.

With the Weave Kubernetes Platform telecommunications companies can securely deliver

containerised 5G across data centres, cloud, hybrid, and edge environments while significantly reducing operating costs.

Co-founder and CEO of Weaveworks, Alexis Richardson said: “Cloud Native and Kubernetes are revolutionising the way we build and operate applications. The challenge is

how to manage these environments with the scalability, reliability and control enterprises need when managing thousands of developers and applications at the same time. This is what sets Weaveworks apart.

“Our new funding, backed by two of the world’s leading public cloud providers and

industry-leading telecoms companies, is a powerful validation that Weaveworks provides

the speed, flexibility, and control telecoms and large enterprises need to rapidly innovate

and scale cloud native applications,” said Richardson.

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