Vodafone Slashes Decade From Climate Target


Vodafone Group brought forward a pledge to reduce carbon emissions generated as a result of its business to net zero, with the company setting a revised deadline of 2040 to achieve the goal.

The group, which already outlined several initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its own operations, set the new goal on tighter targets related to its wider business and related third parties.

Its latest announcement surrounds the so-called Scope-3 sources of emissions, which comprises joint ventures, those related to its supply chain, business travel activities and products sold by the group.

The operator originally targeted a net zero impact from its entire operation, including Scope-3 sources, by 2050.

Included in its latest pledge is the intent to cut current emissions from Scope-3 sources in half by 2030.

Alongside revising its headline aim, Vodafone announced the Science Based Targets initiative had approved its previously announced carbon reduction targets for 2030 as being in-line with top-level global ambitions.


The move is Vodafone’s latest attempt to cut the environmental impact of its business.

Previous promises include setting a goal of purchasing exclusively renewable electricity, made in 2019, alongside announcing its intent to reuse, resell or recycle all network waste.

In September 2020, the company sounded a warning to its suppliers detailing a plan to evaluate companies it deals with on commitments to the environment and societal issues during tender processes.

By its own measure, in 2020 the company expects to generate 1.84 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent (a standard measurement taking into account all greenhouse gases) from energy directly used or purchased. It aims to take this to net zero by 2030.

Its Scope-3 emissions are forecast at 11.9 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2020.

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