DNA Strikes ‘World First’ Deal To Combine Netflix With Broadband Access


By Stuart Thomson

Finnish cable and telecom group DNA has struck a deal with Netflix that will allow it combine its home broadband service and a Netflix family subscription covering 4K content on up to four devices in a single order and one invoice.

In what the telco describes as a “world first”, DNA’s broadband connection will be available as part of the same subscription with a 4K Netflix subscription on four devices. According to DNA, the streaming giant has not previously packaged a family subscription with any operator’s broadband.

DNA has been working on productising such a combine offer since the beginning of this year, the company said.

“The digital world is fragmenting as services are fragmented into different streaming services. Above all, however, people want ease of consuming entertainment,” said Pekka Väisänen , director of DNA’s consumer business, citing a company survey that showed gthat three out of four Finns want to watch TV content regardless of when it is shown, and almost as many consider it important that all content that is important to them can be easily found in the same place.

“That’s why we prefer open ecosystems that combine quality and speed in a user-friendly format. Netflix is ​​by far the most popular paid streaming service in Finland, and the service can be used at DNA Hub,” said Väisänen.

Väisänen said that the combined package would provide a discount to DNA subscribers to taking both offerings separately.

“We are extremely excited to take the long-running DNA-Telenor partnership to the next level. The combination of 4K-level Netflix content and DNA super-fast broadband creates a unique innovative product that brings joy to our members’ lives and further streamlines our service,” says Patrick Danckwardt, business development manager, Nordics at Netflix.

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