Mondia Launches Ground-breaking Entertainment Platform Monsooq In South Africa


By Celestine Okorie

A leading mobile technology company specialising in the marketing and distribution of digital content, Mondia has announced the launch of ground-breaking time-based entertainment platform Monsooq. Monsooq is a first-of-its kind model where time is the currency and users pay only for the time they spend consuming content.

Monsooq does not require contracts or subscriptions. Instead new visitors to will receive 60 minutes’ worth of free access to content, after which pricing is just R2 per 30 minutes. This unique time-based model allows consumers to buy entertainment time just as they would cellular airtime and use that time to consume any content they choose, including movies, series, games and music – all on a single, convenient, end-to-end entertainment platform.

Whether a consumer wishes to play a game for 30 minutes while commuting, or binge a new series for six hours, they are able to load that amount of time to their profile securely debit or credit card. And when their time ends, they simply top up with more.

Mondia CEO, Dr Amadeo Rahmann said: “Africa is the next frontier in regard to digitalisation. Our extensive footprint, increasing customer base and significant experience in the region make Africa a natural choice of focus for us. African markets are primed for the democratisation of content, and Mondia is firmly focused on changing the way in which people consume entertainment. Mondia has incredible reach and deep understanding of the geographies in which we operate, with 1.4bn potential users in the right emerging markets.”

Mondia sees exceptional potential in the continent. Africa has a population of 1.1 billion, which is expected to double by 2050. Africa also has the youngest population of any continent. This demographic dividend is expected to generate 10-15 per cent GDP growth in the next 15 years. According to research conducted by PwC South Africa in 2019 [1], entertainment and media (E&M) spend in South Africa is expected to reach US$10bn by 2023. Nigeria saw a 25.5 per cent rise in E&M revenue in 2017 to US$3.8billion.

In December 2019 more Africans (526 million) accessed the internet than North Americans [2]. And there is still massive potential for growth: Africa has a total internet penetration level of just under 40 per cent, as compared to penetration in the rest of the world of 63.2per cent. While streaming services have proliferated across Africa, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdowns, there is an increasing need to deliver enhanced value, choice, and innovation in terms of pricing and content.

Monsooq features a world-class recommendations engine to ensure consumers find the content they love. Content will be localised and customised, with a minimum of 50 per cent of local content offered alongside international content. Mondia aims to build the content economy and bring value across Africa as Monsooq expands.

Monsooq also represents a new frontier of content monetisation for entertainment providers, giving them direct access to those customers who are not interested in a traditional subscription model.

The platform has partnered with leading content providers such as Viva Nation TV, a music and lifestyle channel offering African and international video content; Wi-flix, an online streaming platform providing distinctive African & foreign content, TV channels, sports and over 20k hours of entertainment; EPIC ON, which provides the best of Bollywood and Esport Plus offering an array of exciting gaming content. In addition, Mondia will also feature their own entertainment services which include content from premium partners such as Universal Music, the world’s leading music company.

Monsooq launches in South Africa, with other markets like Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia and Kenya to follow.

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