Webinar By International Institute Of Communications To Interrogate Critical COVID-19 Questions


By Ifeoma Asika, Correspondent Campuses

What needs to be done to make digital technologies more reliable, accessible and affordable at a national, regional and local level?

What should the regulatory priorities be immediately post-COVID 19? How might the actions taken out of necessity be built upon?

How to incentivize investment and innovation – private, public and multilateral – to bridge connectivity divides and serve rural populations

What does Latin America need to do to ensure it is fully participating in the digital revolution?

These are some of the questions thrown up by the COVID-19 pandemic that are begging for answers from a top level panel of government and industry experts from across LatAm – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru rallied together by the International Institute of Communications(IIC).

On the panel, as revealed by the IIC Director-General, Lynn Robinson are:

  • Director, Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications, Brazil, Artur Coimbra De Oliveira.
  • Vice Minister of Connectivity, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Colombia, Iván Antonio Mantilla Gaviria
  • Subsecretary of Information and Communications Technologies, Presidency of the Nation,

Argentina, Martin Olmos.

  • Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Government of Chile, Pamela Gidi Masias
  • Vice Minister of Communications, Peru, Rosa Virginia Nakagawa Morales.
  • Director LATAM Public Policy and Wholesale Business,Telefonica, José Juan Haro
  • Vice President for Regulatory, Institutional and Press Relations, TIM Brasil, Dr Mario Girasol
  • Head of Public Policy, Latin America,Netflix, Paula Karol Pinha

The webinar will be held in English only.

Ms Robinson added: “Registration is still open here. Simply go to the log in page and use the email address we have used to send you this mailing. If you have not previously registered on our website you will need to click the forgotten password link to generate a password. If you have previously registered will need to use the password you set originally and can change it by clicking the forgotten password link.

“We very much welcome questions from the audience after the panel have finished speaking, however due to the expected number of participants these are limited to a maximum of two per delegate and we request you submit your questions in advance by email. Please send questions to by 10am GMT Monday 19 October.”

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