MIT Report Highlights The 5G Enterprise Opportunity For Service Providers


By Cyber Era Staff

A new MIT Technology Review Insights report – 5G and the enterprise opportunity – explores communications service providers (CSPs) strategies to build new service capabilities and transform their technology environments in order to capture new revenues in the enterprise market.

In the report, commissioned by Ericsson, executives from 9 leading service providers share their vision on how to get the most out of the 5G enterprise opportunity.

The key findings of the report are:

In the enterprise market, CSPs are transforming from connectivity provider to enterprise service creators. IoT, software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN), cloud, automation, and multi-access edge computing (MEC) are playing critical roles in customer value chains. In the future, the majority of enterprise services will become “off-the-shelf” rather than customized.

Collaboration and co-creation with ecosystem partners have become table stakes for CSPs in delivering enterprise services, and they are building strategic alliances with systems integrators, cloud service providers, network technology players, and many more.

5G creates a new strategic imperative for cloud. Open architectures and cloud first strategies are prioritized. Leading 5G operators report having more than half of network and IT workloads in the cloud.

Enterprise service complexity is a leading driver for automation and AI. CSPs view automation, real-time data, and AI as essential tools for managing this complexity, now and in the future, to remove manual processes and develop increasingly predictive capabilities.

This report showcases real initiatives, strategies, and case studies of how operators are delivering 5G and innovative enterprise solutions, working with a broad ecosystem of partners, and leveraging OSS, BSS, cloud technology, and AI.

Head of IT Managed Services and ADM, Ericsson, Peter Michelson says: “Operators cannot compromise on operational efficiency, customer experience, or agility in this new era. The need for an intelligent way to operate the network, IT, and multiple clouds, while managing partner relationships effectively, will be key. At Ericsson, we have a proud history as a trusted partner to operators in managing large-scale IT and cloud operations intelligently and efficiently. As we step into the 5G arena, we are leading the way, driving the ecosystem and service innovations that are critical to monetizing 5G”.

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