Google Pledges Fail To Win Over Fitbit Deal Critics


Concessions made by Google to the European Commission in an attempt to get the green light for its acquisition of Fitbit failed to appease opponents to the deal, Financial Times reported, as rivals continue to cite data use fears.

As part of the European Commission’s in-depth review into the deal, the organisation contacted a range of companies to gauge opinions on promises made by Google related to its policies for Fitbit post-acquisition.

The newspaper noted existing opponents were unconvinced the concessions made by Google went far enough. It did not name those continuing to criticise the plans, except to state they included hardware rivals and cloud service providers.

Among the comments against the proposals were accusations Google was attempting to monopolise the wearables sector and previously voiced fears around its use of data from devices.

Vows made by Google last week reportedly included a promise not to use Fitbit data for targeted advertising for 10 years and a range of pledges around allowing third party access to data with user consent.

The European Commission is in the process of a second stage review into Google’s US$2.1 billion deal to acquire Fitbit, with a deadline of 23 December for its probe.

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