TV As An App: The Choices Facing Service Providers


By Stuart Thomson

Service providers are increasingly looking to enhance their service proposition by aggregating apps and presenting them to users in a unified user experience.

But this TV-as-an-app model presents challenges. How can service providers deliver a consistent app store user experience over multiple types of set-tops at scale while retaining flexibility and independence? Delivering an app store from the cloud may provide one solution.

The next session of DTVE’s ongoing Digital Symposium will address these issues

To introduce this session, Omdia senior research analyst Samuel McLaughlin will cover:

What role do set-top boxes have as operators focus on migration of delivery to more flexible OTT TV-like platforms? What choices do operators face in aggregating their own content alongside third-party apps as the video distribution landscape changes?

How can operators continuously innovate and add value to their video services while maximising STB investment?

Has COVID-19 accelerated the need to transition from Broadcast to app-based streaming services?

In the panel discussion that follows, Steve McCaffrey, CEO of GOT2 and Chris Linden, COO of ActiveVideo will address the following questions:

What are the key challenges TV operators typically face in delivering a comprehensive app store to their users?

How can operators deliver consistent app-based experiences to multiple types and generations of device while delivering a consistent experience?

Can virtualisation and cloud technology help operators deliver app-based experiences at scale?

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