World Heart Day 2020 To Raise Awareness Surrounding Heart Health


By Josephine Akaerr

Described as the WHF’s biggest awareness-raising platform, the World Heart Day campaign aims to inform people around the world about the leading cause of death worldwide – cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Medical Devices Analyst at GlobalData, Ashley Young comments: “One of the main aims of World Health Day is to raise awareness of the risk factors driving CVD, and to give people the tools to reduce their personal risk. Events such as World Health Day therefore impact cardiovascular device markets in two opposing ways. On the one hand, by having a greater understanding of the risk factors that lead to CVD (such as tobacco use, diet, and lack of exercise), people are empowered to change their lifestyles and reduce their likelihood of developing CVD later in life. As a result, the future treatable patient pool for cardiovascular medical devices is reduced.

“On the other hand, another aspect of raising CVD awareness is to educate people about the signs and symptoms of CVD, as well as available treatment options. For people who already suffer from CVD, but perhaps aren’t fully aware of it, learning about the signs and symptoms may encourage them to reach out to their physicians and seek treatment earlier than they otherwise would have. This raised awareness would then increase the number of patients who recognize their symptoms as CVD and seek treatment, thus increasing the number of cardiovascular devices used.”

WHF’s World Heart Day takes place on September 29th, 2020.

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