Use GSM Boosters Without Authorisation, Go To Jail: NCC


By Angeline Mgbele, Correspondent Abuja

Telecommunications consumers  in the habit of grabbing all manner of gadgets are using them without considering the effect of doing so on the national network, have every reason to worry about the latest advisory from the sector regulator, the Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC), as they stand the risk of going to jail.

A statement by the Director of Public Affairs at the Commission, Dr. Ikechukwu Adinde, available on the NCC website,, says the attention of the Nigerian Communications Commission has been drawn to the fact that GSM Boosters are being illegally used by individuals in Nigeria. While the Commission is not averse to Individuals desirous of using GSM Boosters, it insists they can only do so in conjunction with licensed network operators.

GSM Boosters are devices that transmit and receive telecommunications signals and can therefore, interfere with other radio frequency equipment, explains Adinde.

Said he: “Members of the public should note that, wilful interference with any wireless telegraphy is an offence under Section 16 of the Telegraphy Act, 2004. The Commission will not condone any flagrant breach on this law.

“Accordingly, monitoring mechanisms have been put in place and anyone caught using GSM Booster without obtaining approval of a duly licensed network operator will face arrest and prosecution.”

The Commission invites any member of the public with useful information regarding the illegal use of GSM Boosters to contact it on 09-4617000/7351 or send an email to

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