Ofcom Invites Small-scale DAB To Register For Online Events


By Emmanuel Oluebube, Correspondent UK

UK TMT sector umpire, Ofcom is inviting anyone who intends to apply for small-scale DAB multiplex or Community Digital Sound Programme (C-DSP) licences to two virtual events on 29 September 2020.

Small-scale DAB is an innovative technology which will provide a low-cost route for local commercial, community and specialist music stations to take to the digital airwaves.

There will be two sessions designed to provide information for applicants on the different types of licences available and details of how they can apply:

Small-scale DAB C-DSP licences: what they are and how to apply for a licence

29 September 2020, 10.30-12.00

Small-scale DAB multiplex licences: what they are and how to apply for a licence

29 September 2020, 14.00-16.00

Those interested  in attending one or both of the online sessions, are to send an email to with the title ‘Event C-DSP’, ‘Event Multiplex’ or ‘Event both’ by Monday 14 September.

Places at both events are limited and Ofcom requests that only those who intend to apply for licences in first round locations should register.

Small-scale DAB licensing process

Last week, Ofcom advertised the first 25 small-scale DAB radio multiplex licences. A second round of multiplex licences will be advertised next year to cover areas in north west England and north east Wales.

Ofcom is also inviting applications for new C-DSP licences from those wishing to broadcast community radio services in the small-scale multiplex areas currently being advertised.

“Programme services and multiplexes are licensed separately. Organisations can apply for both types of licence if they wish to operate the multiplex and provide programme services on it,” it said.

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