Smart Lighting Case Study: 650 5th Avenue


By Juan Pedro Tomás

Smart buildings specialist Igor had been selected by Cushman & Wakefield for the implementation of smart lighting infrastructure at the 650 5th Avenue building, located in the Rockefeller Center area in New York.

In search of an IoT platform which offered valuable amenities to tenants, Cushman & Wakefield contacted Igor to install its Nexos solution on the 11th floor.

As part of the project, Igor had installed PoE-powered LED lighting that resulted in long-term energy savings.

“Beyond the cost savings, Igor was the IoT platform Cushman & Wakefield needed at 650 5th Ave to improve the tenant experience through amenities. Beginning their IoT revolution with Igor’s lighting and sensors, Nexos by Igor provides tenants of the 11th floor of 650 5th avenue with easy-to-manage lighting schedules, tunable white light tailored to the environment and business goals, and reliable emergency lighting,” Igor said.

Igor claimed to be the first PoE company in the world to receive the UL 924 certification for a central PoE emergency lighting solution from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent product safety certification organization approved by the U.S. Government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration to test products and issue certifications.

Building codes require that all emergency lighting meet UL 924. 650 5th Ave is utilizing Igor’s Power over Ethernet capabilities to more securely manage their network. During the installation, fiber was run to set the foundations for an intrabuilding network, the company said.

“The reliability and security of a wired connection outperforms WiFi, especially for vertical network connections. Cushman & Wakefield have already begun capturing the data needed to maximize square footage and optimize floor plates at a later date. As new devices and systems are added to the network, those analytics will be accessible via Igor’s enterprise software, eliminating the need for multiple fragmented analytics platforms,” Igor added.

With the backbone of the IoT ecosystem in place, Cushman & Wakefield will be able to add new technology to over 500,000 square feet of rentable space at 650 5th Avenue.

Igor’s flagship product, Nexos, is a PoE-based IoT smart building platform that incorporates hardware, software and cloud analytics to enable smart and secure buildings. Combined with an open API and real-time data, Nexos integrates advanced lighting controls with building systems, low-voltage devices and business applications. Igor has already installed the solution in more than 30 countries.

“For Cushman & Wakefield, this means Igor’s existing infrastructure provides the flexibility required for unforeseen future integrations, future proofing the building with the ability to react to needs demanded by tenants years down the road. As new tenants seek additional HVAC, security, wayfinding, asset tracking and occupancy functionality, Cushman & Wakefield can respond with those enhanced capabilities for superior tenant experience.” Cushman & Wakefield is among the largest real estate services firms, with approximately 53,000 employees in 400 offices and 60 countries.

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