Konka Ranks New High On 2020 “Fortune” China Top 500 Listed

KONKA made its presence at Jumia's annual conference

…As Konka smart authentication All-in-one Machine Won The Red Dot Award!

On July 27th, “Fortune” magazine announced the latest ranking of China’s top 500 companies. Konka Group ranked 186, an increase of 10 places compared to last year. Since the announcement of the transformation and upgrading, Konka has achieved continuous rise in rankings with its steady and positive performance and development prospects. This is the external view that Konka continues to use “semiconductor + new consumer electronics + science and technology park” as the core industry main line to fully promote high-quality development. Recognition of strength.

Actively grasp core technologies, consumer electronics business rises against the trend

Consumer electronics is Konka’s pillar industry. In recent years, Konka has focused on 5G, 8K, AIoT, semiconductors and other key core technologies to increase R&D investment, and builds a full-chain technical advantage. In addition to the independent research and development of 8K video processing chips, panoramic AI technology, and Yiyou system recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Konka also uses technology to empower products and successively releases series of innovative products such as 8K TV, panoramic AI TV, and APHAEA future screen, promoting high-precision Technology is applied to the consumer application level, seeking new market growth points.

In the field of white goods, Konka focuses on product intelligent upgrading and industrial scale expansion. Under the dual-brand collaborative operation of “Konka + Xinfei”, Konka has carried out in-depth research and development on preservation, sterilization, early warning, interconnection and other aspects, launched a variety of differentiated products, and won many industry awards with its innovative technology.

Key breakthroughs in the semiconductor field, new businesses are fully energized

In the global context of technological innovation, the rapidly growing consumer electronics market has become an important driving force for the development of the semiconductor industry. Based on deep insights into the industry, Konka has quickly realized its layout in the storage and optoelectronic fields through technology accumulation and industrial collaboration.

In the storage field, Konka aims at the gap in domestic storage chips, and builds a storage industry chain based on the “design + packaging and testing + channels” model. Through the development of leading storage chips, Konka opens the door for technological products to the sea; in the optoelectronic field, Konka Established Chongqing Konka Semiconductor Research Institute and laid the foundation for Chongqing Konka Semiconductor Optoelectronics Industrial Park, dedicated to the development and application of Micro LED technology. In the 2020 “5G+8K” ultra-high-definition live broadcast event of the Xinhua News Agency of the National Two Sessions in 2020, Konka was invited to bring its “APHAEA Future Screen Products” to undertake the visual presentation work and complete the first live broadcast application of Micro LED products in the world. In addition, Konka is also accelerating the national layout of the park, focusing on environmental protection and new materials.

Deeply promote the globalization layout, and effectively help the national economic development

Currently, China has launched all-round measures to expand opening up in various fields. Konka actively responded to the policy signal of “going out and bringing in” and established branches in Egypt and North America to improve the level of transnational operations. At the same time, Konka relies on the venture capital platform “Konka Star” jointly created with OCT to continuously improve its ability to participate in global cooperation and competition. At present, “Konka Star” has established 18 innovation bases around the world, providing a source of power for Konka to further promote its globalization strategy.

In 2020, the external environment is complex and severe. Konka will correctly grasp the current situation, strive to nurture new opportunities in the crisis, open a new game in the changing situation, fully activate the momentum of scientific and technological innovation, focus on improving development efficiency, and make greater contributions to national economic development.

Meawhile, there is another good news! Recently, Konka intelligent authentication machine ( Intelligent Identification Machine) gained the German Red Dot Award ! This is the third time the mobile internet ID design team led by Chen Wanheng has won this award after Konka’s smart butler robot and AI voice phone products !

The Red Dot Award originated from Germany and is one of the largest and most influential competitions in the world’s well-known design competitions. Together with the German “IF Award” and the American “IDEA Award”, it is also known as the world’s three major design awards.

Konka intelligent authentication all-in-one is China’s first multi-functional authentication aggregation intelligent terminal. It integrates all current government-authorized identification authentication methods (vein, face, iris, fingerprint, various documents and bank cards, etc.) in one. It also has trading functions. It can focus on solving the problem of resident identity authentication in the fields of social security, medical care, education, and public security in the information benefiting project.

Due to the scattered identity authentication and transaction equipment, large-scale self-service terminal functions are only for a single business, and the cost is high. Konka’s intelligent authentication all-in-one machine is small in size, and the integrated authentication design is equipped with a system platform, which can effectively solve the above problems and realize the mass service Multi-channel one-time authentication, multi-point interconnection, seamless switching , effectively improve efficiency and make it convenient for the masses.

The device has an intelligent social identity recognition function, which is characterized by a system composed of biometric technology combined with AI and the Internet of Things. It can be widely used in the field of public trust to realize the accurate identification of social identity and secure transactions, and effectively solve the hidden dangers of the simple authentication and identification of network equipment in the current economic field.

Based on a large number of user models and feedback, the designer Chen Wanheng fully considers the stability and convenience of operation after the product is miniaturized, and rationally integrates each module. Through the design, the finger vein and the fingerprint module are integrated into the stent, the face recognition camera is centered, the main screen 0-28° and the secondary screen 0-40° different angle adjustment differences are designed to achieve the consistency of form and function and human-computer interaction The rationality of the product can not only improve product affinity, but also perfectly adapt to various office environments.

Carefully crafted industrial design, strict and reliable quality control, and perfect and effective process supervision together constitute the origin of the “Konka Mobile Internet Craftsman Spirit”. It is the craftsmanship of all Konka people that has made Konka products’ award-winning achievements!

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