Wi-Fi Set For Boost After More Spectrum Freed Up For Wireless Services


By Emmanuel Oluebube, Correspondent UK

Homes across the UK could soon experience faster and more reliable Wi-Fi due to changes announced Friday by Ofcom.

Following a consultation earlier this year, Ofcom is making airwaves in the lower 6 GHz band available for Wi-Fi services, without the need for a licence. The changes will allow innovative new uses such as virtual reality headsets and smart glasses, which connect to other devices through Wi-Fi. The regulator says it is also updating technical requirements for Wi-Fi routers to ease congestion in wireless networks – creating a smoother user experience.

Home broadband speeds have generally held up well during the Covid-19 situation, despite high demand due to an increase in working and learning from home. And these changes will help meet the growing demand for Wi-Fi based services now and in the future.

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