World Merit Rabat Quests To Fulfill The SDGs Objectives


By Josephine Akaerr

Amid rising and already existing challenges that our world is facing, World Merit RABAT, a local branch of the international World Merit organization (WorldMerit), has taken on the role of catalyst of change by leading and mentoring youth, towards building themselves and creating positive change for their community and the world.

World Merit RABAT, which provides youth a ground for self-development and impact, also aims to contribute significantly to the United Nations Agenda 2030, by achieving each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and their 169 sub targets.

The organization consistently works on bringing diverse youth together, based on integrity and inclusivity, we found our recruitment on the famous slogan of the UN SDG Action Campaign “Leaving no one behind”. Our pillar goal is to empower, mentor and guide the youth how to concretize their own ideas, learn how to manage and lead effectively other teams and increase the reach of their impact.

By offering new opportunities, and following up with their progress from start to finish, it deems possible with the enormous efforts of the guidance and management of the executive board that consists of:

-The President, Ms. Maroua Ameziane.

-Executive Vice President of Human Capital, Ms. Amira Malak El Badaoui.

-Vice President of Operations, Mr. Sami Chakour.

-Vice President of Marketing and Communication, Mr. Azeddine Kouira.

-Vice President of Human Resources, Ms. Wiam Essekkat.

-Vice President of Team Coordination, Mr. Mehdi Rhourri.

-Vice President of Logistics, Mr. Soufiane Margoum.

-Vice President of Partnerships and Public Relations, Ms. Oumaima Ninich.

-Vice President of Finance and Sponsorship, Ms. Doha Ameziane.

Overview on World Merit Rabat’s Projects

Projects at World Merit Rabat are based on implementing one of the targets of the Sustainable Development goals, the community has developed over the course of 2 years more than 20 sustainable projects and initiatives (Events, Campaigns, Trainings…etc.).

Nowadays, we are witnessing the development of 7 business based-model and social startups by young activists (Moroccans and foreigners) who haven’t graduated yet and 15 ongoing projects overall.

The community could maximize, nevertheless the focus is to develop and upgrade our members skills to reach new levels of positive impact.

– Mental Health school Morocco (MHSM)

This mindset has allowed World Merit Rabat, to tackle through their projects a variety of issues, such as mental health (under the project Mental Health School Morocco) led by one of our members, Maryem bamou. This project emphasizes on the lack of awareness about the importance of mental health in our society.

– Beeleader

Mental health is not the only issue that we are trying to tackle with our projects. Our member, Shams Ghadbane, leads with her great team a project named Beeleader. It works on education for kids by teaching them how to challenge themselves and develop new skills that can be quite helpful for them to realize their dreams. it tackles the SDGs through the making of a comic book about leaderships and bees hence “bee” “leader”.

– Artechubs

On the Innovation side, ARTECHUBS is a STEM project which targets the younger generation, created by Stanley Alexander Anigbogu, and uses STEM workshops (Science Technology, Engineering and Math) to inspire the youth to become their own innovator and inventor through artistic and innovative workshops.

– Future is loading

World Merit Rabat also focalizes on supporting the marginalized youth; hence, the community has been working on projects to reach those young people and help them to find the best opportunities in their studies or academic career. For instance, Future is Loading, led by Yahya Ibnou-cheikh focuses on providing orientation to the students of middle and high school, to prepare them for higher education.

– Equal education

Similarly, Equal Education, led by Lamiae Semmar, is a project that collaborates with refugees and immigrants centres located in the region of Rabat, which host sub-Saharan youth. The main goal from this project is to mentor the refugees and to help them with their future path by educating them on different subjects.

– Green festival

Last but not least, as an advocate for change and in its fight to tackle all the SDGs, the council has implemented a project under the name of Green festival (#SDG13) led by Oumaima Ninich. Its main objective is to sensitize children about the importance of trees and give and teach them how to plant their own plant and to take care of them. It also organizes recycling contest, workshops and clean walks.

Measurable Impact

As for the measurable positive impact in our community, in the span of two years the World Merit Rabat council has influenced thousands of people both directly and indirectly when it comes to 2030 agenda issues.

Throughout the mandate of 2018-2020, the council has been able to develiver :

Direct guidance and mentorship: 150 Members

Created projects: 27 projects

Events: 15 events

Direct Impact: 755 Moroccans

Indirect Impact: 15700

Planted trees: 100

Tackled SDGs: 13 SDGs overall through our projects

2019 KPIs: 95,73%

About 66 per cent of our members have taken leadership positions in other NGOs after joining our council, which always brings us back to our first objective : Creating an empowered community of leaders.

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