Apple To Add 4K Netflix Support To Macs


By Jonathan Easton

In what will surely be a welcome update to Mac users, Netflix may finally stream in 4K UHD on Apple computers with the upcoming Big Sur operating system.

Despite boasting ultra high resolution displays, Netflix users have not been able to take advantage of the hardware to stream their favourite shows and movies in UHD but that looks likely to change.

According to 9to5Mac, users digging around in the code of the Big Sur beta have found that Safari – the Mac’s native browser – will play Netflix videos in 4K with HDR. This is thanks to support for HEVC in the browser.

There are some caveats though. The report notes that HDR is currently only supported with 2018 or later MacBook Pros, 2018 or later Mac minis, iMac Pros and Mac Pros – the latter two also require an HDR-capable external monitor.

This is the second piece of Apple-related 4K news in the past week, with the company announcing during its digital WWDC event that it would add 4K support for Apple TV in the coming months with the TVOS 14 update.

The update will also include expanded picture-in-picture support and improved integration for smart home accessories via HomeKit.

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