EBRD Releases Its Sustainability Report 2019


By Cyber Era Correspondent

The European Bank for Research and Development(EBRD)has launched its Sustainability Report for the year ended 2019.

The Sustainability Report 2019 explores the many ways the multilateral financial institution creates impact whether it’s improving public transport, ensuring a safe water supply, repairing roads or boosting renewable energy, et cetera, investments that make a real difference to the daily lives of millions of people across three continents.

In 2019, nearly half (46 per cent) of the EBRD’s investments helped to finance green economy projects. This is more than ever before and well ahead of the Bank’s 40 per cent target for 2020. The Bank has continued its engagement and leadership on climate change.

Alongside providing record levels of climate finance, it has been coordinating the multilateral development banks’ approach to alignment with the goals of the Paris Agreement. It also started work on a Just Transition approach that could support communities in dealing with the social and economic impacts of the transition to a low carbon economy.

This report provides examples of its work and demonstrates the impact it has achieved in 2019.

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