EBRD, Open Contracting Partnership To Host Workshop On Open Government


By Cyber Era Correspondent

The European Bank for Research And Development(EBRD) and the Open Contracting Partnership are putting together a workshop that will look into ways of making governments more open and accountable to the citizens and development stakeholders.

The movement for Open Government has created the means to revolutionise the way governments work, generating the space for active citizen participation and driving efficiencies in governments. Open Contracting is a prime example of the transformative nature that opens up governments by creating a single and trustworthy source of accessible information on public contracts to serve government, business and citizens.

The EBRD and the Open Contracting Partnership work together to:

  • advocate for public procurement reforms to create open, transparent, and competitive public procurement regulatory frameworks that deliver value for money in the use of public funds;
  • engage with civil society in public procurement reforms and support the use of open data;
  • integrate an open contracting approach in public procurement reform strategies and design;
  • support governments in the implementation of the Open Contracting Data Standard.

At this event both organizations will team up with civil society stakeholders to discuss opportunities to improve public procurement and public services using Open Government tools available to open up public procurement to business and local communities.

The workshop will demonstrate how accurate public procurement data, collected at source, empowers citizens and helps holding governments more accountable while building trust, providing a feedback loop on public procurement performance and generating opportunities for new and data-driven digital services.

In particular, sessions will deal with the use of data-driven tools for monitoring and evaluating public procurement systems, in order to compare, gauge the progress, and generate ideas for further improvements.

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