Zeetta Strikes Global Private 5G Distribution Deal With openRAN Specialist Stordis


James Blackman

UK-based Zeetta Networks has struck a deal with Germany-based open networking specialist Stordis to develop and distribute its management software for private LTE and 5G networks to enterprise resellers globally.

The deal covers distribution of the Zeetta Enterprise network management platform, which affords enterprises control over complex multi-vendor, multi-site private cellular networks. Stordis will also integrate the platform into its portfolio of open radio networking (openRAN) solutions to offer enterprises more bespoke solutions.

The Zeetta Enterprise software hinges on the company’s NetOS platform. It comprises four other products, according to the company literature: a Visualise tool for straight network management; an Optimise tool for new network services; an Automate tool to schedule services across multiple venues; and a Rapide package for fully-deployable private LTE and 5G networks.

Zeetta Networks is heading up the £65 million 5G ENCODE project, the UK’s biggest industrial 5G trial. The company told Enterprise IoT Insights last month that enterprises can achieve latency of just 4ms on private LTE networks if the network tuning is properly orchestrated.

A press statement said the Zeetta bundle “simplifies operations and makes new technologies such as private 5G – with advantages of high bandwidth, availability, security and mobility – accessible to smaller enterprises.”

Chief executive at Zeetta Networks, Vassilis Seferidis, said: “We have a strong track record in providing simple solutions to complex networking issues for our clients and are already working with Stordis on deploying private cellular into enterprise customers. Stordis’ reputation and customer and reseller base will now enable businesses to access Zeetta’s innovative and cost-effective network technologies.”

Stordis, with headquarters in the UK as well, positions itself as a leader in the distribution and integration of open networking hardware, operating systems and application software.

The company is involved in various setups to promote open source and disaggregated networking, including the Open Compute Project (OCP), the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), and the Open Source Business Alliance (OSB Alliance). In February, it joined the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), which has a new collaboration with the ONF to accelerate the rollout of open networks.

Andrew Heal, director of technology at Stordis, said: “With our background in hardware, Zeetta Networks was the right choice to marry together hardware and software. Its enterprise software… [provides] the security, scalability, and simplicity of deployment needed for a worldwide network.”

Chief executive art Stordis, Alexander Jefferies said: “We can maximise our experience in open networking and programmable network technology adding the expertise of enterprise private cellular networks from Zeetta to deliver solutions of superior quality and scalability for private communication networks.”

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