African Energy Chamber Launches Membership Offering


By Precious John

As a result of its prominent role across the energy value chain, the African Energy Chamber(Energy Chamber) is launching its membership offering and is enthusiastic to be offering it to the African and global market.

The launch of the African Energy Chamber membership seeks to provide access to opportunities for the advancement of Africa’s energy industry.  This offering comes at a time of transition in the energy sector and, as a means for the Chamber to continue its commitment to uplift, represent and advocate for the creation of opportunities for local and international businesses and communities.

Over the past few years, the African Energy Chamber has been instrumental in promoting collaboration within the African energy industry. In doing so, it has played a key role in representing, advocating and supporting the growth of the continent’s energy sector through facilitating networking opportunities, transactions and partnerships, as well as leading countless policy-making efforts.

 “The Chamber’s network in CEMAC will gain even more traction with this next phase of our growth. Economic integration and diversification, as well as jobs mobility are some aspects where CEMAC region falls behind compared to other African regions,’’ stated President for CEMAC at the African Energy Chamber, Leoncio Amada Nze.

The launch of the Chamber Memberships is encouraged by its position in all facets of the energy industry and its determination to unlock new opportunities that will contribute to greater economic growth and development.

“We have created an environment that allows the energy sector to speak with a single, united and powerful voice when it comes to advocating on behalf of our members, employees, host communities, investors, local companies and international companies,” said Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, NJ Ayuk. ‘’That in coming together and working together, we will continue to foster an environment ripe with opportunities and job growth around Africa. Membership is a key step when it comes to forging that path to build a better energy sector.” added Ayuk

The Chamber has enjoyed great success in bringing together businesses, industry leaders and decision makers in addressing Africa’s energy challenges and is therefore well-positioned to provide access to opportunities and support a thriving community of energy sector leaders.  We welcome individuals, entrepreneurs and start-ups, local companies, international companies, governments and think-tanks across Africa and beyond, to join us on the journey to building Africa’s sustainable energy future.

‘’The mandate of the newly established African Energy Chamber in East Africa is to provide access to solid and current information and opinions as well as high level webinar sessions that not only feature a strong platform of local and regional energy experts to the world but also discusses what is relevant to practitioners on the ground,’’ said President for East Africa at the African Energy Chamber, Elizabeth Rogo. “It is also an avenue for those in East Africa to  strengthen their own businesses through the different financial, legal and other specialized programmes on offer. Equally important is our strong desire to work very closely with women entrepreneurs and experts to ensure they have equal access and help them succeed,” she stated.

“Angola remains a very dynamic oil and gas industry and we will greatly benefit from uniting together under the umbrella of the Chamber. I am grateful for the support from our existing partners on the ground and looking forward to developing and strengthening the network,” declared  President of the African Energy Chamber, Angola, Sergio Pugliese. “We have a lot of work ahead of us to come back stronger than ever. Above all, my priority is to continue promoting jobs, local content and attracting investors. I encourage every company, individual or think tank to join the Chamber at this critical junction to be a part of the journey.”

Beyond these unprecedented  times, battling uncertainty on multiple fronts, the Chamber is determined to improve the current climates and shape Africa’s energy future while preparing its members for market rebound.

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