Centurion Plus Launches Full-suite Tax And Investment Service For Africa


By Angeline Ngbele, Correspondent, Abuja

While many African governments and private businesses will have to grapple with the paucity of funds and other Post-COVID-19 issues, the resurgence of a thriving private sector will be the shot-in-the-arm for a new solid African economy to emerge.

It has become clear that Africa must depend more on itself to unlock its potentials and to thrive as an economic bloc.

Centurion Plus says it understands that the ability of the private sector (both local and international) to prospect on a regional and Africa-wide basis must be significantly boosted by a robust mix of incentives and says it is certain that African home-grown professionals are now sufficiently equipped to provide a full-suite of tested and trusted business support services, which it considers a key structural incentive. 

Taking the lead in meeting this need, Centurion Plus launches its full-suite Africa Tax and Investment Service, to be powered by its fully integrated resource base of country-qualified and internationally mobile professionals. 

While as an Africa-focused Group, Centurion Plus says it is in constant engagement with governments, institutions and the private sector across Africa on reducing commercial and regulatory bars to entry and levelling the playing field, adding what it has launched here ensures that businesses can invest and transact end-to-end in Africa (including in ultra-frontier markets), with absolute confidence and at the most competitive business cost. 

With the launch, Centurion Plus believes, businesses within Africa will in addition benefit from its Rest-of-Africa legal advisory support, as it recognizes the value of retaining home country lawyers and advisors, while other international investors can take advantage of its All-of-Africa legal advisory support, saying it is confident that the army of African talent will revolutionize Africa’s professional services industry, to read the lips of Managing Director, Centurion Law Group, Zion Adeoye.

Leading Centurion Plus’  Africa Tax Desk is Edem Andah, who comes with over 30 years of Africa-wide tax experience. Mr. Andah was the pioneer Head of Tax for Shell Nigeria and head of Shell downstream tax responsible for 30 African Countries. He later became the International Tax Manager for Sub-Sahara Africa with Baker Hughes UK Limited and subsequently an Oil and Gas Tax Partner at Ernst & Young, amongst other key roles. 

Director of Centurion Mauritius Keseena Chengadu heads its Africa Investment Desk and will be supported by its Africa investment advisers in all 54 Countries in Africa. The investment desk would be of immense benefit to African businesses and other foreign investors seeking to position themselves strategically to take advantage of tax and other incentives available across Africa. 

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