Centurion Legal Group Adds Weight To Equal By 30 Campaign

…To Strengthen Role Of Women In Energy


By Precious John

Centurion Law Group has become a signatory to the Equal by 30 Campaign, which calls for private and public sector commitments to further equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities for women in the clean energy sector by 2030.

The Equal by 30 campaign is a joint initiative of the Clean Energy, Education and Empowerment Initiative (C3E), which works to advance the participation of women in the clean energy transition and close the gender gap, and the International Energy Agency (IEA).

To further the aims of Equal by 30, Centurion Law Group commits to the following objectives:

  • To promote the “Equal by 30” initiative and its principles, including facilitating the exchange of best practices and knowledge-sharing wherever possible across the African energy sector
  • Maintain equal representation of women across our total staff aiming for 50 per cent representation at each level (junior, midlevel, senior and board positions) by 2030
  • Always to ensure gender diversity when appointing to executive boards, committees, advisory panels and other similar bodies
  • Encourage and support Centurion energy industry clients and partners to become signatories to the “Equal by 30” campaign, by providing practical support and sharing best practice, so that they may develop and implement their own ambitious targets

As a pro-African and pan-African firm, Centurion Law Group has offices throughout Africa and we can proudly say that presently, 56.6 per cent of our workforce are women. This diverse staff is a source of strength for the firm. Similarly, the quantity and calibre of female candidates applying to Centurion Plus, the Group’s innovative “lawyers-on-demand” platform, echoes this. By signing to this initiative, Centurion Law Group sends an unequivocal message: for the energy sector in Africa to prosper, it needs to tap into the full scope of talent and women must become an intrinsic part of the energy workforce.

“At Centurion, 57 per cent of our lawyers and co-workers are women, with incredible talent. They are an invaluable part of Centurion, driving the business ever forward. Signing up to this initiative adds strength to our ambition to be an inclusive and diverse Group. As we expand across Africa, we highly encourage all female lawyers and players in energy to continue to aim high and pay it forward to the coming generation of female talent across the energy industry.” asserted Managing Director at Centurion Law Group, Zion Adeoye.

“A diverse energy workforce will be better equipped to face the challenges that the current situation brings. With this in mind, we look forward to sharing best practice on creating a diverse and inclusive workplace with our partners and clients. We hope that with this decisive step, many others will join us and sign up to the initiative,” Added Adeoye.

As of the 6 May 2020, with the 7 organisations signing on, we are now at 144 signatories in total, including 118 organisations, 13 partners and 13 governments. Equal by 30 is led and based at Natural Resources Canada, a division of the Government of Canada.

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