DMS Launches Timely Updates To Its Social Ads Solution

…Enabling Brands To Win Greater Consumer Attention During COVID-19 Pandemic


By Celestine Okorie

DMS has unveiled an updated version of its social advertisement solution that is aimed at helping brands attract  greater consumer attention during the period of the coronavirus(COVID-19) pandemic.

Today, more than ever before, the Covid-19 situation has made people reflect on how much our world is connected, especially through social media. But for brands, the benefits of a connected world come bundled with the challenges of consumer attention and trust. 

DMS’s Social Ads Solution was originally launched in June 2019, to address these challenges. Since then, it has been widely adopted as an effective way for brands to extend their creative assets from any social platform onto the web. The solution uniquely enables brands to extend their social media campaigns to a brand-safe environment (across DMS’s portfolio of highly-credible premium publishers), ensuring that they reach users in a “reading state of mind” and benefit from increased consumer engagement rates, along with higher in-view times, attention and viewability.

With social media serving as an “always-on” channel, and even more so during a crisis, DMS, along with its techpartner Polar, has launched a series of exciting updates aimed at supporting brands during this unprecedented time:

Creative automation for brands: New capability that automatically pulls inbrands’ organic social posts in realtime from their proprietary channel onto DMS’spublishersites,enabling relevant social creatives to reach audiences across the web for an always-on campaign.

Support forTikTok: In addition to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, brands can now also extend their TikTokcampaigns onto the web across DMS’s portfolio of premium publishers.

E-Commerce focused carousel format: The latest e-commerce driven carousel serves as a very attractive feature for encouraging different creatives, which can be leveraged as shoppable units, with each creative driving users to a different landing page destination. 

Custom creatives: This format allows brands to utilize their social creatives without any social logos or engagement buttons. A call to action can also be included. 

Social Good by DMS: Committed to supporting its brand partners during both good and challenging times, this good-will feature allows brands engaged in community activities to amplify their CSR initiatives across DMS publishers.

Commenting on the development, DMS’s Native Advertising Product Director, Carol Matta,  stated that “In a time of social distancing, it comes with no surprise that people have been spending more time on different social platforms to stay connected and informed. The timely introduction of these very well thought out updates to DMS’s Social Ads Solution, ensures that our brand partners will continue to gain more traction and attention from their social campaigns as they are reaching users in a ‘reading state of mind’ on credible publisher sites, and benefiting from increased engagement rates.”

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