Arborus, Orange Reveal The First International Charter For Inclusive AI

… Supported By The French Secretary Of State


By Ifeoma Asika

The Arborus and Orange Fund has revealed the first International Charter for inclusive Artificial Intelligence, under the esteemed patronage of French Secretary of State for the Digital Sector, attached to the Minister of Economy and Finance and the Minister of Public Action and Accounts, Cédric O.

This Charter is intended to be a reference for all companies that are committed to equal opportunities. Its purpose is to guarantee Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is designed, deployed and operated in a responsible and inclusive way. This initiative, which is the first step towards the creation of a GEEIS-AI* label over the coming months, also benefits from the support of Ambassador and Secretary General of the UN Women’s Global Forum, Delphine O and Vice-Chair of the UN CEDAW Committee, Nicole Ameline.

“Artificial Intelligence is taking on an increasingly important role in our society, which will need time to recover after the current health crisis. We need to be vigilant in order to ensure that automatic decisions based on the processing of algorithms do not discriminate against women due, for example, to the quality of the data used or the design of the code, a field still dominated by men. We must therefore encourage companies to ensure neutral AI development with initiatives such as the International Charter for inclusive AI”, stated Cédric O,  French Secretary of State for the Digital Sector, attached to the Minister of Economy and Finance and the Minister of Public Action and Accounts.

This International Charter, based on seven commitments, will create a framework of trust concerning the design and use of AI systems.

The first signatories of the Charter are Orange, Camfil, Danone, EDF, L’Oréal, Metro, Sodexo and there are many more to come…

This Charter is now available to be signed by any companies and organisations that wish to do so, via an online platform .

Deputy Chief Executive of Orange in France and head of the Technology and Global Innovation Division, Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière said:

“AI at the service of people is a formidable tool for simplifying  operations and reducing the digital divide. But we must remain vigilant so that it does not create new inequalities, particularly between men and women. This is what underpins Orange’s commitment to Arborus. We are proud to be the first signatory of the International Charter for inclusive AI and we hope that many other companies will join us in this venture.”

“Arborus, whose mission is to drive equality in the workplace, sees the purpose of this International Charter as promoting inclusive Artificial Intelligence; it’s a new tool to support companies faced with the challenge of ensuring equitable AI development , enabling them to comply with their inclusion policies”, explained Cristina Lunghi, Founder and Managing Director of Arboru s.

An innovative project within the framework of international recommendations on women’s rights and equality.

To this end, the Charter is supported by Delphine O, Ambassador and Secretary General of the UN Women’s Global Forum:

“I am aware of the emergence of technology-driven discrimination related to the reproduction of gender stereotypes that can be caused by artificial intelligence, so I am determined that the Generation Equality Forum should tackle these issues by making innovation one of the 6 action coalition themes that will be launched in Paris by the French President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, Mexico and UN Women.”

Vice-Chair of the UN CEDAW Committee, Nicole Ameline is also delighted by this initiative:

“For the CEDAW, a UN treaty body, access to employment and the economic empowerment of women in the most innovative fields such as artificial intelligence are among the key factors in the construction of a fair, inclusive and sustainable world. The resolute commitment of pioneering companies in terms of gender equality, that have the GEEIS label and that are now signatories of the International Charter for inclusive AI, provides a positive example of the changes expected with Beijing25,” she said.

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