Identigy Launches Citizen Journey Platform


By Precious John

Global leader in journey management software, Identigy has innovated a robust platform for governments to manage restrictions through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Citizen JRNY Platform: Pandemic Response Tool, is the first of its kind built for country-wide scalability featuring a fully interoperable platform to connect governments with their citizens. It can securely and privately manage movement restrictions, efficiently scale contact tracing efforts, offer movement permits, and manage immunity passports.

The new Pandemic Response Tools for governments securely recognize and verify individuals according to their quarantine status, location, and movement permissions. Quickly deployable, interoperable, and accessible – the Citizen JRNY Platform: Pandemic Response Tool is the only software platform needed to manage restrictions and requirements before, during and after the pandemic.

 “As a leader in secure identity management, we are excited to provide the newest JRNY platform to increase the safety and security of all people, while also supporting government efforts to enforce public health laws,” said General Manager, Mat Birnbaum.

The Identigy JRNY Platform exceeds global security standards and is currently deployed on several large university campuses and cities globally, integrated with hundreds of thousands of physical security touchpoints, and processing over US$100 million in cashless transactions from millions of unique identities.

The platform has proven it can handle large populations and very high transaction counts. Governments will feel secure in knowing their citizens’ experience through the pandemic will be well managed through a platform that enables them to update travel restrictions, communications, and immunity passports.

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