AFRINIC’s Webinar To Create The Ideal IPv6 Address Plan


By Ifeoma Asika

If you are one of those desirous of staying up to speed with IPv6 address planning  and deployment, especially in moving away from the IPv4 scarcity mindset with its manifold difficulties, then, a webinar being planned by Regional Internet Registry(RIR), the African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC), is for you.

AFRINIC information signed by its Marketing and PR Manager, Susan M.A. Otieno and seen by us, notes that most initial IPv6 address plans lack proper hierarchy and advises prospective attendees not to spend weeks explaining their IPv6 address plan. “Worry not, our experienced team of IPv6 experts will be on air to share tips and best practices which will make it easy for you to come up with an ideal IPv6 address plan,” says Otieno.

According to the information from AFRINIC’s Marketing and PR Manager, by the end of the webinar, built for April 16, 2020, attendees should be able to:

*  Estimate their IPv6 addressing needs

  *Request for an IPv6 prefix on myafrinic

  *Subdivide their IPv6 prefix based on their network hierarchy

  *Implement their address plan into an IP Address Management (IPAM) software

The registration link for the webinar is:

Other details about the webinar are as follow:


 16:30 GST (Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar)

 12:30 UTC (Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire)

 13:30 WAT (Nigeria, Cameroon)

 15:30 EAT (Kenya, Uganda)

“The webinar will be in English and as usual. A French one will be organised later,” Otieno added.

AFRINIC was registered in Mauritius with its operations dispersed in South Africa (Technical operations), Egypt (Backup and disaster recovery) and Ghana (Training coordination).

In April 2005, ICANN accredited AFRINIC as the fifth Regional Internet Registry according to criteria defined in its ICP-2 document (criteria for establishment of regional Internet registries).

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