How EBRD Clients Help Ukraine Cope With Coronavirus


By Anton Usov

Companies in Ukraine are responding to the coronavirus challenges. Their readiness to help demonstrates their ability to rise to this unprecedented threat to public health and economic well-being. They are a showing a deep sense of responsibility for the common good. In addition to financial support, professional help and expert advice are in high demand.

Building on Ukraine’s huge potential in the sector, agribusiness companies are leading the effort. The EBRD’s long-term client and major grain trader Nibulon called upon fellow companies to transform their laboratories, normally guaranteeing the quality of agricultural commodities, into Covid-19 testing centres. Nibulon’s main shareholder and Managing Director Olexiy Vadaturskyy encouraged the industry to join the initiative. In addition to transforming its own business to cater the needs of the national healthcare, the company also acquired specialised equipment and Covid-19 tests for hospitals in the Mykolaiv region of south Ukraine, where the company is headquartered.

Another major agricultural producer Astarta, which has been working with the EBRD for more than a decade, followed suit: specialised equipment used at its laboratories in the Poltava region in central Ukraine will be at full disposal for regional health workers and l play an important role in testing. The company also channelled hundreds of tests to hospitals countrywide.

The EBRD client and major meat processor Nyva Pereyaslavschiny is offering its expertise and experience  with over 22 years in food production biosafety for the provision of advanced sanitary measures in hospitals in the Kyiv region. In addition, the company is providing protective gear to paramedics and free food parcels to people in need in all regions, where the company operates.

Ukraine’s leading petroleum retailer Galnaftogaz, where the EBRD holds a stake, is funding 20,000 Uber transfers of medical personnel in the capital city of Kyiv and 6 other key municipalities working to contain the Covid-19 infection spread.

Nova Poshta, Ukraine’s largest privately owned postal company and an EBRD’s client since 2018, launched a specialised delivery service. Medicines will be supplied to Nova Poshta offices, pick-up and drop-off points or by couriers across the country. It is also offering a food delivery service to promote contactless take-away service from local restaurants.

During the last decade, the EBRD invested over €100 million(US$108.72million) in projects with Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors as well as research and development companies. Companies like Farmak, Ukraine’s major pharmaceuticals manufacturer, are now supporting the government’s initiative to develop a comprehensive pharmaceutical safety programme designed to prevent drug deficiency during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to the production of essential cardio, diabetes and anti-viral medicines, Farmak is working to develop new medicines, which will be effective against the disease. Farmak’s charitable foundation donated protective gear and specialised equipment to 17 hospitals in different regions of Ukraine.

Yuria-Pharm , the country’s leading manufacturer of intensive care medicines, medical devices and antiseptics, is providing “key hospitals” , identified by the Ukrainian Healthcare Ministry, with infusion drug sand equipment for nebuliser therapy.

In the city of Odessa, MV Cargo (TIS), Brooklyn Kiev and Risoil Ukraine, EBRD clients and leading private sea terminal operators and stevedoring companies, joined forces to set up a Covid-19 anti-crisis headquarters. In a short period of time, it collected private charitable donations worth almost US$ 4.3 million which were used to purchase protective gear and specialised equipment for regional healthcare establishments. More local businesses join the initiative every week

These are selected examples of businesses helping the country when it matters most. Many other businesses in Ukraine are contributing to the cause. The EBRD is proud to be associated with them and to make its own contribution through its Solidarity Package of financial support for clients as they face this unique challenge.

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