ROK,China, Japan Foreign Ministers’ Video Conference On COVID-19


On March 20, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Kang, Kyung-wha presided over the “ROK-China-Japan Foreign Ministers’ video conference” on COVID-19, in which Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Wang Yi and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Toshimitsu Motegi participated.

During the video conference, the Foreign Ministers of the three countries shared information on the spread of COVID-19 and response efforts in their respective countries, and discussed the negative impact that the spread of COVID-19 is having on exchanges and cooperation between countries and the global economy. They also reaffirmed the importance of cooperation among the three countries to stop the spread of COVID-19 more effectively and to end the outbreak as early as possible.

In particular, Minister Kang explained the ROK government’s efforts and achievements in fighting COVID-19 so far, and stressed the need for the three neighboring countries to make efforts to ensure that the COVID-19 outbreak did not hamper regional exchanges and cooperation and to minimize its economic and social impacts, while exerting utmost efforts to combat COVID-19, respectively.

Ministers Wang Yi and Motegi explained disease control efforts in China and Japan, respectively, and underlined the need to share experiences and increase cooperation with the international community as well as the need to strengthen cooperation among the health authorities of the three countries.

Furthermore, the three Ministers agreed to continue close consultations among the diplomatic authorities of the three countries on measures suggested at the video conference.

In a bid to respond to the current crisis, the Foreign Ministers of the three countries affirmed their determination to continue efforts to promote closer cooperation among their relevant authorities through existing trilateral systems, including the Health Ministers’ Meeting among the three countries, and expressed support for holding the trilateral Health Ministers’ Meeting.

The three Ministers also exchanged views on issues to be discussed at the special video conference among the leaders of the G20, which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working to hold this week.

In addition, the three Ministers expressed support for holding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in their complete form.

The ROK-China-Japan Foreign Ministers’ video conference came as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is strengthening international cooperation to respond to COVID-19 through a series of telephone conversations with countries affected by the virus, including the United States, Canada, and the Federal Republic of Germany. In particular, the video conference served as an opportunity to increase the momentum for information exchange and cooperation on the situation among the three key countries in Northeast Asia.

The Foreign Ministry  says it will continue efforts to step up regional cooperation in Northeast Asia as well as international cooperation to respond to COVID-19.

  • Editor’s Note; The Japan Olympics have since been postponed to 2021.

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