Centurion International AG, GABF Boost Germany’s Fight Against Coronavirus


By Cyber Era Reporter

In order to support Europe as it struggles to contain the coronavirus outbreak, Centurion International AG and the Germany-Africa Business Forum (GABF) have decided to  synergise and make a donation of EUR50,000(US$53,692). The funds will be allocated to relief organizations to support under-privileged, elderly or homeless people in the City of Berlin.

“A lot of people around the world are looking to Berlin and are inspired because Berlin and its relief organizations represent the very best of the German spirit. As a business forum promoting bilateral energy cooperation but also investment and trade, we always insist that the Germany-Africa relationship has to go both ways,” added Director at the Germany-Africa Business Forum, Sebastian Wagner. “Now is a time for us to honor that view and show that beyond business, we are committed to the human relationship between Africa and Germany,” added Wagner.

Germany has registered over 12,000 cases of coronavirus within its territory, making the country one of the hardest it by the pandemic. While Germany’s healthcare system has been able to tackle the outbreak relatively efficiently, the situation is increasing the vulnerability of already fragile parts of the population.

“Everyone who calls Berlin home continues to show that no matter how hard and nervous we are with the coronavirus, no matter how hard and how long the road ahead might seem, Germans and Berliners are working and building and striving for a better tomorrow and will beat Coronavirus by sticking together and helping the most vulnerables among us,” stated CEO of the Centurion Law Group and Executive Chairman at the African Energy Chamber, NJ Ayuk.

“Centurion Law Group has always worked very closely with Germany and its private sector in energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa. It is in line with this growing cooperation that we have opened our European office in Frankfurt last year,” explained Ayuk. “When you commit to such a relationship, it goes for good and bad times. We are happy to be able to support Germany in its time of needs. The efforts of the people and relief organizations in Berlin inspire me and many in our firm and we will do everything to give them the required support,” he added.

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