Qualcomm Makes Fast Company’s List Of World’s Most Innovative Companies


CHRISTIANO R. AMON says Qualcomm Incorporated is extremely excited and humbled to makes the Fast Company’s List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies.

To me, every day at Qualcomm feels like an incredible opportunity to collaborate with the brightest minds and create technologies that enrich lives and help the world connect, compute, and communicate. Today, this feeling is in full force. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. was named to Fast Company’s 2020 list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies, and we’re extremely excited and humbled to receive this recognition. The annual list honors the most groundbreaking and impactful businesses across the world, and it provides both a snapshot and road map for the future of innovation across sectors.

But don’t take it just from me, Fast Company’s Senior Editor Amy Farley, who oversaw the issue with Deputy Editor David Lidsky, says of the award, “At a time of increasing global volatility, this year’s list showcases the resilience and optimism of businesses across the world. These companies are applying creativity to solve challenges within their industries and far beyond.”

This recognition is a true testament to the hard work and innovation our employees exhibit every day. We’re proud to have been at the forefront of our industry for decades, and most recently, enabling the early rollout of 5G. We overcame technical hurdles to create the once-thought-impossible technologies needed for this next generation of wireless, and last year, the industry officially launched 5G an entire year ahead of schedule.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon Modem-RF system has since enabled our customers to launch their 5G smartphones and mobile devices, and in 2020, we expect our Snapdragon systems to take 5G mainstream. This is an initiative we’ve been driving for over a decade, and we’re excited to see how 5G has — and will continue to provide companies across the globe with the foundational technologies that help them innovate, too.

When it comes to the opportunities for 5G, they’re endless — unlike any wireless generation before it. 5G will not only enhance mobile broadband but can bring cellular to virtually all sectors and connect everything to everything else. Combined with unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency, this connectivity can transform industries and unlock rich new user experiences. 5G’s value is economic too; according to a 2019 IHS Markit 5G Economic Impact Study commissioned by Qualcomm Technologies, 5G is predicted to enable US$13.2 trillion in global economic growth by 2035.*

Our leadership truly is in innovation, a reputation we earned through 35 years of work and a cumulative investment of US$61 billion in R&D. We have a lot more of the same coming, especially as it relates to 5G. On the back of our innovations and with our help, the industry is currently deploying Release 15 of 5G for mobile broadband and smartphones, and in June of this year, Release 16 is expected to be finalized. This will provide even more enhancements to mobile broadband, and more importantly, new features to support additional markets, including automotive, mobile computing, and industrial IoT (IIoT).

It’s such an honor for us to be selected for Fast Company’s 2020 list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies. We’d also like to congratulate our peers and customers that made the list.

  • Christiano R. Amon is President Qualcomm Incorporated.

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