ATCON AGM, NEC 2020 – 2022 Elections Hold April 30

…Testify To ATCON’s Robust Succession Plan


By Cyber Era Reporter

In tandem with its subsisting robust succession template, the Secretariat of the Association of Telecommunications Companies Of Nigeria (ATCON) has announced that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Elections of the National Executive Council (NEC) 2020 – 2022 of the Association will take place on Thursday, April 30, 2020.

Information on the arrangement, seen by Cyber Era and inked by the Executive Secretary at ATCON, Ajibola Olude, says the AGM and NEC Elections are being organized  as part of upholding the principle of transparency in the conduct of elections into various positions on the NEC of the Association.

Guidelines for ATCON NEC Elections issued by its secretariat show that the following positions are open for contest in the election:

  • National President
  • 1st Vice President
  • 2nd Vice President
  •  National Secretary
  • Treasurer
  •  Financial Secretary
  • National Publicity Secretary
  • Coordinator, Telephone Operators
  • Coordinator, Infrastructure Providers
  • Coordinator, Internet Services Providers
  • Coordinator, Manufacturer’s Representative
  • Coordinator, Equipment Dealers
  • Coordinator, Value Added Services
  • Coordinator, Consulting

On Eligibility, Olude stated: “Any financial member, upon nomination by two other financial members of the Association, shall be eligible for election into any of the elective positions for a term of two years in the first instance subject to re-election for a maximum of two (2) additional terms PROVIDED ALWAYS that such election or re-election is supported by the highest number of votes cast for the candidates for the position at the Annual General Meeting where the election is held.

 To be qualified for an election, a candidate Must be a Chief Executive Officer or at least a Director duly authorized or designated to represent his/her company by its management.”

 Olude explains the Process of Nomination thusly:

“Any member wishing to stand for election into any of the offices listed on the Nomination Form should fill his/her name in the appropriate column and get two other financial members of the Association to sponsor and support his/her nomination.

 On the other hand, a member wishing to nominate another or other members for election should fill the name(s) of the Nominee(s) in the appropriate column(s) and indicate the organization(s) of the nominee(s) as appropriate. Such a member must ensure that the other members he/she is nomination agree(s) to his/her/their nomination(s) by signing the appropriate part of the nomination form. Also, such member nomination must ensure that each nomination is supported by two financial members of the Association,” adding  “the completed nomination forms should be duly signed and returned to the secretariat not later than Friday, March 13, 2020.”

Olude explains further:  “The secretariat may be contacted to pick up duly completed nomination forms or offer any assistance in respect of clarifying any of the above requirements or in the submission of the completed nomination form(s).”

On Voting, the Executive Secretary states that : “each member company is entitled to two votes per position. It is therefore expected that each member company will be represented by two delegates each casting one vote in respect of a position. However, where a single individual represents a company, that individual present at the AGM / Election shall cast only one vote on-behalf of his/her company,” adding

 “voting shall be by Secret Ballot.”

 On Elections, Olude says: “Election shall be conducted by a duly constituted Electoral Committee to be appointed on the floor of the AGM by the outgoing Executive with the approval of members at the meeting.  The Electoral Committee shall be dissolved upon the conclusion of the elections.  Elected officers shall assume their posts immediately upon conclusion of the elections,” with the proviso “only financially active members shall be allowed to vote and be voted for at the elections!”  He explained that NEC positions were open to persons whose companies were financial members and upon confirmation of payment of Annual Dues for 2020 and 2021.

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