How New T-Mobile, Sprint Combo Will Impact Wireless Industry


The T-Mobile, Sprint merger dragged on for far too long. Congratulations to both for finally getting it done. So, what’s next? What can we expect? What does the merger mean for these two companies and for the wireless industry as a whole? You may be surprised. Let’s take a closer look, invites JEFF KAGAN.

First, this merger will make T-Mobile larger and give them more spectrum. That’s exactly what they

need to continue to grow as 5G becomes more important going forward. Without this merger, their lack of spectrum would gotten in their way. Now they are in much better shape.

The big story about T-Mobile, Sprint merger is about wireless spectrum

Second, with regards to how this T-Mobile, Sprint merger will impact the wireless industry, I don’t see it having any impact at all in the short term. Long-term, we don’t know yet.

They will spend the next few years digesting this merger, strengthening their existing offerings and developing some new services like wireless pay TV.

What will happen long-term is always the great unknown. What this means is until T-Mobile proves itself, we should not believe any predictions for tomorrow. Not yet anyway. We simply do not know how this extra spectrum will translate into growth for the new T-Mobile.

Will Dish Network be a leader in wireless and mobile?

We also do not know what role Dish Network will play. Will they be a strong fourth place competitor, or will they just be another competitor like Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile and Altice Mobile?

If Dish becomes a wireless player with these assets, how long will it take? I think it will take several years at best, based on what I see so far. They have not discussed this in any detail, plus Dish has never been a quick-change agent.

What I am saying is we just do not know at this early stage the long-term implications this T-Mobile, Sprint merger will have on the already changing wireless marketplace.

They will have to explain to me and to the marketplace how they intend to do this over time.

* Jeff Kagan is an ICT industry analyst, columnist, influencer and consultant helping clients improve marketing, messaging, advertising, social messaging and more.

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