Sprint Signs IoT Access Agreements With Telia, Swisscom


By Juan Pedro Tomás

Sprint announced collaborations with Swiss operator Swisscom and Nordic carrier Telia to extend the Sprint Curiosity Internet of Things (IoT) platform to Europe.

Sprint said that thanks to this new deal, Swisscom and Telia Company customers will now be able to better serve their customers in the U.S.

With in-country access using a local profile now available in eight countries, Sprint said it is helping its customer’s transform how they connect and manage IoT applications around the globe.

“We are realizing our vision to make the Curiosity IoT operating environment locally accessible to meet customer’s needs in Europe,” said senior vice president of IoT and product development for Sprint, Ivo Rook. “We are proud to be working with Swisscom and Telia to provide full visibility across international IoT deployments through the Curiosity IoT platform.”

The U.S. carrier highlighted that a local profile allows an IoT device to connect to the corresponding carrier’s network. The IoT device looks like a local subscriber, while maintaining all visibility in Curiosity. Sprint has enabled eUICC or electronic SIM (eSIM) capability for instant switching of SIM profiles over the air. This is useful when an IoT device moves to different countries worldwide or is deployed in countries where permanent roaming is not allowed. Customers can switch networks without having to touch the IoT device, Sprint said.

“The relationship with Sprint enables new options for both Swiss and U.S.-based companies that further simplify the deployment of international IoT solutions,” said head of IoT Swisscom B2B, Julian Dömer.

Last month, Sprint announced that its Curiosity IoT platform will soon be available for customers in Australia following a partnership with Australia’s largest mobile network operator, Telstra. Sprint said that the Curiosity IoT service is expected to be commercially available in Australia in the first half of 2020.

Curiosity IoT is a dedicated, virtualized and distributed IoT network and operating system built by Sprint to handle data from a variety of IoT use cases and devices.

When coupled with Sprint’s 5G service, Curiosity’s IoT core network will be capable of supporting artificial intelligence, robotics, edge computing, autonomous vehicles and other IoT systems requiring extreme low-latency and high-bandwidth, the carrier said.


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