HERE Launches Mapping Tool To Speed Up 5G Deployment


Mapping company HERE Technologies unveiled a platform it claimed can accelerate the deployment of 5G networks by improving processes around locating equipment, potentially removing major hurdles related to planning permission and costs.

In a statement, HERE Technologies said it is partnering with Nokia and telecoms software company Kinetica to integrate location data from its Geodata Models platform into their network planning and design solutions.

Geodata Models depicts scalable 3D representations of objects including buildings, trees and lampposts, to enable RF engineers to remotely survey and plan installation of 5G antennas.

HERE Technologies explained mmWave (24GHz to 100GHz) 5G frequencies are more vulnerable to obstruction from objects such as buildings and billboards, and cannot travel as far mid-band 4G waves. It argued “network operators require a much higher level of location precision and scalability” when installing antennas, and may have to install ten-times more 5G sites per square km compared with 4G networks as a result.

HERE Technologies CTO, Giovanni Lanfranchi said the platform “provides the detail mobile network operators need to accelerate the design, deployment and benefit of 5G networks worldwide”.

HERE Technologies was acquired by automotive giants Audi, BMW and Daimler, from Nokia in 2015.-Mobile World Live

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