The Nikon D6 Keeps You Atop Your Game


By Cyber Era Staff

Speed is key in the world of sports and photojournalism and the new Nikon D6, announced by Nikon Middle East FZE recently, makes the mark in Nikon’s history with its most powerful autofocus to capture the decisive moments, and delivers them with fast and versatile communication options so those winning shots swiftly make it to the news-desk or social media with just a few taps.

Be it from an all-selectable 105-point autofocus (AF) employing cross sensors in high density sensor arrangement, to simultaneous recordings of JPEG images to both slots, and even to produce natural skin tones with utmost clarity, the flagship camera is ready to impress even the most gruelling demands of the industry. Low lights and challenging environments of harsh stadium lights will benefit from an ISO sensitivity of 102400. Track the action in conventionally difficult scenes such as multiple subjects in the frame with the new AF engine, while also catching it all with approximately 14-fps1 high speed continuous shooting. Discover workflow flexibility with prioritised image upload together with versatile data transfer capabilities.

“We want to provide a photography experience that is reliable and credible, even in extreme situations where the pace is fast and tough. For the regulars at sporting events, they will love how quickly the Nikon D6 reacts to the rapid movements of the athletes. Photojournalists will appreciate the ability to take photos without hesitation or interruption during crucial moments. Speed in accuracy, operability, communication and transmission, this is the D6 – it leaves nothing to chance,” said Managing Director, Nikon Middle East FZE, Narendra Menon.

Nikon D6’s primary features  make it truly the complete system, providing a total solution that caters to the professionals’ needs.

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