Hytera Camera VM780 Gives Users Wider View, More Facts


By Cyber Era Staff

With the ever-increasing needs for enforcement transparency, especially within the global safety and security community, body-worn cameras have been widely used among law enforcement agencies, resulting  in better accountability between the police officers and civilians.

By exposing bad or good behaviors, the body-worn cameras also have a strong deterrent against misuse of force by the police officers and violent behavior of citizens.

It is essential to choose the right body-worn camera for each actual requirement and this area of need makes the Hytera LTE body-worn camera VM780 a much sought after device. It can capture HD videos to provide evidence for trial. More importantly, this camera has the ability to send live videos back to the control center over a 4G network. This helps the dispatcher know exactly what is happening, enhance real-time situational awareness and facilitate decision-making. Plus other irresistible value propositions!

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