Huawei Releases First-ever 5G Service Experience-based Network Planning Criteria


By Cyber Era Staff

Huawei has released the first-ever 5G Service Experience-based Network Planning Criteria in London. The criteria can help carriers cope with the new challenges of differentiated experience requirements of new services in the 5G era.

They will enable carriers transform from network planning based on traditional telecom services to precise network planning based on digital service experience. In this way, carriers’ network planning is more efficient and their investment is more accurate while providing high-quality experience for 5G users.

The ultimate goal of network planning is to ensure good service experience, and it is important to match network planning criteria with services. In the 4G era, the network planning criteria are to just meet the requirement of coverage and throughput. In the 5G era, however, there are high requirements on the rate and latency because enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) services represented by Cloud Virtual Reality (CloudVR) and vertical industry-oriented services such as smart factory, smart healthcare, and smart electricity are available. Therefore, Huawei proposes this new SmartCare® E-Planning model and builds the industry’s first 5G service experience network planning criteria based on it.

Huawei’s SmartCare® E-Planning Model includes “three-layer” and “two-step” mapping: from user experience to service quality requirement, and then to network capability benchmark. The two-step mapping breaks down user experience into a set of executable network planning criteria for carriers. Constructing the framework for the criteria, Huawei first proposed and applied six of its major research results, which are: TBR-model adopted for throughput, Burst-Model adopted for balance latency and bandwidth, MTP-Model adopted for latency, PLR-Model adopted for packet loss, Piecewise Fitting Methodology adopted for coverage, and Unified Planning and Domain Based Design adopted for End-to-End. Based on its SmartCare® E-Planning model, Huawei has already proposed experience-based network planning criteria for 5G 2C and 2B video services.

Over the past few years, Huawei has kept investing in boosting service experience and has established in-depth cooperation with more than 10 industry standards organizations and industry alliances as well as over 50 global partners. With the support of the Experience lab (eLAB), Huawei SmartCare® provides not only accurate network planning based on 5G service experience, but also the industry’s first-ever 5G customer experience management (CEM) solution that is visible, manageable, and upgradable. This feature helps carriers ensure end-to-end 5G service experience from network planning to service experience management.

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