B2Broker Takes Brand New Pack-Based Trader’s Room Concept To Businesses


By Cyber Era Staff

Leading liquidity and technology provider of solutions to the forex and crypto industry, B2Broker has introduced B2Core, a major upgrade to its client cabinet solution Trader’s Room, which has undergone a major overhaul in response to client demand and to meet today’s exacting business needs.

All New Client Cabinet Concept

B2Core takes on a whole new guise embracing a vast new range of new capabilities, culminating in an innovative and unique bespoke service for clients. B2Core offers an all-round, greatly improved user experience compared with the company’s previous version. It consolidates all previous aspects of Traders room, including clients area, et cetera, elevating the company’s existing SaaS solution to the top of its league in the financial services industry.

Businesses looking for a solution with functionality that can handle a broader and more customised range of demands than the industry-standard traders room solution will find B2Core exceeds their expectations and outperforms other products in the market with a range of advanced features that can be tailored to fit each type of organisation. With B2Core, businesses no longer need to accept a one-size-fits-all solution.

Unique Pack-Based Solution

From basic tasks such as organising the work of forex brokers and crypto exchanges, back office for employees and administrators, front-end for traders, verification and registration of customers and a huge range of payment functions, B2Core brings to the market a whole new concept of a pack-based solution.

This essentially means that B2Core clients can now choose a package that suits their requirements best. For example, the B2Core Standard pack includes a basic set of features and offers a budget-friendly solution. Alternatively, businesses can opt for an Advanced pack with many more potential features and modules such as bonuses, IB Room and Converter, and integrations with a large choice of payment solutions and external platforms such as B2Trader, MetaTrader, CTrader, dxTrade, AlphaPoint, OneZero and PrimeXM.

At the top end of the scale for larger corporates, B2Core offers an Enterprise pack, a solution which is ideal for where the client has their own specific requirements and demands regarding the type of solution they want.

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